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Precognox is a high-end consulting firm located in Central Europe, specialized in “automation of knowledge work”. We have comprehensive experience in semantic search, intelligent text mining & analytics.

Our aim is to support our customers as major businesses worldwide, including considerable US market players, with large amounts of unstructured data in solving complex information management problems and delivering software development projects.

These projects are accomplished by our steady team. Due to the low employee turnover we can finish the projects with the same people we started them and our customers are very pleased about it.

Our team is constantly expanding and due to our attitude, many of our colleagues have been strengthening the staff for years.

In addition to the developer groups, we also have a dedicated QA team to ensure high quality. The DevOps team also contributes to stability.

At work the entire company, in private life, our running team delivers the results.

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History, Precognox History, Precognox

The founders of Precognox, Endre Jofoldi and Karoly Kasa, started to work for NIH (National Institutes of Health, USA) in 2001 by developing ToxSeek toxicological and other search engines, as well as miscellaneous text analytics tools. Based on our experiences the company was founded in 2008, in order to provide appropriate service for the increasing number of Hungarian and international customers at the highest standard. We have been implementing search technologies for more than 18 years now.

Since 2020 Precognox’s headquarter and development office is located in the Informatics and Innovation Center in Kaposvár.


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