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How does an enterprise search engine work?

What is enterprise search? Enterprise Search is an intelligent search engine that enables the user to launch searches both in business documents and other text contents, such as web based contents.   Why and when is Enterprise Search required? There are many reasons why a business requires an intelligent search engine solution. These can be: […]

What is it like working at our company? We asked again…

Our May poll revealed what our employees think about the company. Now we asked them again to evaluate the company. Everyone had the opportunity again to share her/his thoughts in a few words anonymously.   Such opinions were received:   “Excellent mood, interesting tasks, good environment, helpful colleagues.” “I always have challenging tasks and in […]

Presentation about iot and the fog by Szabó Ferenc

The Kaposvár Software Developer Meetup, created by Precognox, gives lectures to the programming community with guest speakers. During the first meetup this fall, our speaker, Ferenc Szabó from ESH, talked about IoT and the Fog.   Practical examples have given us an insight into the emerging field of information technology that many of us will […]

ITU World Telecom 2019 Exhibition

As a member of the AI Coalition, we also attended ITU Telecom World 2019. IT and telecommunications companies from all over the world came to Hungexpo for this great exhibition. the exhibition stand is ready The colorful event had a real international feeling. In addition to China, there were countries such as Ghana, Angola and […]

Team building at Katica Tanya

Last Saturday we were at Katica Tanya in the heart of Zselic for team building. We started with team games inspiring to think together … then adrenaline level was increased by a little bit of karting… as a rest we greeted Ferenczy Peti after lunch… and after the cake, we burned the calories again by […]