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What kind of solutions are available for collecting content from the web?

Collecting data from Internet is possible in several ways. We may try to find and download the data ourselves or we can choose from ready-made solutions. The decision is influenced by several factors. The most important factors are the quantity, quality and availability of data.   Data quantity The amount of content to be collected […]

How can we get quality data from the web?

  In most cases, contents appearing on the web (as the largest data source) are not suitable for further workflows, since information on websites is available in different formats. More complex tasks are needed to provide the required quality data at the end of the process. What are the criteria for the data and what […]

How can we create reports based on web contents in Google Data Studio?

  Data Studio is Google’s own Business Intelligence tool for analyzing and visualizing databases. With this easy-to-use tool, we mostly analyze the data available within the corporate structure. With the app, we can easily work with data that can be accessed with other Google products, such as: – Analytics – AdWords – Search Console. You […]

How can we utilize web contents?

We launch searches every day on the web. In parallel we download contents also daily from the Internet. This is possible because almost all content is available on the web today, regardless of the subject. These contents mean great help in our everyday life (eg: weather forecast). Now let’s look at how we can utilize […]

How can we analyze and visualize data available on the Internet in Power BI?

  Power BI – as a Microsoft Business Intelligence tool – enables detailed analysis and visualization of databases. With this widely used tool we mostly analyze the data available within the company. From now on – by Precognox’s TAS Data Collector solution – it is also possible to use web-based data within Power BI.   […]