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Visualizing Star Wars movie scripts – relationships matter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away our data analysts were talking about the upcoming new Star Wars movie. One of them has never seen any eposide of the two trilogies before, so they decided to make the movie more accessible to this poor fellow. Relationships matter The Star Wars universe is […]

Why is it important to have an enterprise search engine?

What is enterprise search? Business information can be found in millions of documents, e-mails and websites. Information search is becoming a growing challenge for companies and employees, since information queries need to be performed in several independent and parallelly operated systems. Enterprise search is an excellent solution for the above mentioned problem since searches can […]

Career Meetup with our Interns

With the first ever Precognox Career Guidance Meetup, we wanted to help the current generation of 16-18s with information that can facilitate their future career choices. Before the presentation, a small guided tour gave them an insight into the life of our company, where and how we work, and what corporate culture we have. The […]

How does an enterprise search engine work?

What is enterprise search? Enterprise Search is an intelligent search engine that enables the user to launch searches both in business documents and other text contents, such as web based contents.   Why and when is Enterprise Search required? There are many reasons why a business requires an intelligent search engine solution. These can be: […]