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Criminals often hide behind pseudonyms. In many cases, these aliases have some linguistic features. The chosen aliases can be anagrams of the original name or name variants translated into a foreign language. However, these aliases always complicate or even preclude the identification of the given person.


For law enforcement, identifying criminals is crucial, which is very difficult if they use pseudonyms. Therefore, it is important to foster obtaining information about the delinquent or the suspect even if he / she does not use his / her original name, but his / her alias is already known (or linguistic tools recognize the similarity between the two names).
For security organizations and services it is also indispensable to use a search solution that identifies entities (names, organizations) at a high level.


TAS Enterprise Search, developed by Precognox, integrates the world’s leading name matching solution to provide the best performance for the problem mentioned above. Whether it is a query performed by using an alias or the characters of a foreign language, ROSETTE Name Matching helps in indentifying the original name. This way, pseudonyms used by criminals are no longer a challenge, as the solution minimizes the risks of performing an unsuccessful query.

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