Company get-together in November

We were having a pretty successful company get-together in November. We learnt that our team members are not only top-notch developers, but they are naturally born laser tagging fighters, world class champions and go-kart drivers! We are devoted to the “work hard, play hard” philosophy, at least to its second part, so we started the day with laser tagging. After the fights, the soldiers of Precognox visited a special restaurant that’s offering probably the biggest portions of hamburgers in the country. The good soldiers won another fight against the food and they needed new challenges! Go-kart was the name of the new game, and we pushed it hard during the race. Istvan won again and we sadly concluded that the success of the company is now correlated to his winning series…
Here are the results of the competition:

1.István          25,460
2. András       26,537
3. Karesz        26,692
4. Endre          26,792
5. Sz. Tamás    27,064
6. Gabi            28,022
7. Attila           28,066
8. T. Zoli          28,373
9. Péter            28,448
10. M. Tamás   28,696
11. V. Zoli         28,864
12. L.Tamás      30,995






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