Dashboard for analyzing anti-Roma news in Hungarian far-right media

, Precognox

We started a research project on anti-Roma topics in the Hungarian far-right media over a year ago. As the source of our analysis we used the kuruc.info online news portal that is the flagship of the far-right or “national radical” media in Hungary. Now we release our news analytics time series dashboard.The site covers ethnic minority issues on a regular basis and has a column called “Cigánybűnözés” (“Roma crime”) that contains anti-Roma news from 2006 until today. We collected 10.304 news published between 2006 and 2015 and identified 27 anti-Roma topics in the corpus. One output of the research was an interactive data visualization that presents the distribution of various topics over time and the most important events that influenced each.


Now we have created a time series dashboard using Solr and Banana. On the dashboard you can analyze anti-Roma news by topics, named entities (location, persons, organization), sentiments and emotions. The timestamps of the news enabled us to create a time series dashboard and visualize topics, sentiment and emotion scores over time. In addition you can search for words and phrases in the news, organize them into topics, filter them for named entities, look at the most frequent words on word clouds or locations on map.

, Precognox

Kitti Balogh, Zoltan Varju

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