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About Enterprise Search

In case of an enterprise search engine, we talk about a customized search interface tailored to our special needs. These unique requirements can be: – making our own database searchable – unique result filtering opportunities – bulk search options or – even advanced name indexing and entity recognition.   enterprise search, Precognox  

Name Indexing and search

By advanced name identification (indexing), we mean that we can effectively extract person names as entities out of given textual contents. Thanks to the name identification, the extracted names become searchable on the enterprise search user interface. During the search process it is essential to get relevant search results even when the name typed by the user is incorrect (misspelled), or we know only the nickname or alias of a person. It is particularly important to identify a name succesfully when the searchable content (or the name typed in the search box) is written in a foreign language, such as Russian (Cyrillic letters). Thanks to the integrated name indexing solution, 18 languages are available. These are among others English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian or even Chinese, Korean and Japanese. This name indexing solution is provided by the Rosette text analytics platform, developed by Basis Technology, USA. As a partner of the company and as an integrator of Rosette, we can always use the latest Basis products developed with our participation.  

Other entities

Besides to personal names, entities can be organizations, dates, locations, currencies. Even license plates or bank account numbers, with typical character chain can also be entities. In advanced and sophisticated enterprise search engines, such as Precognox’s TAS Enterprise Search, which integrates Basistech Rosette solutions, we can search for entities and the results can be filtered by them. enterprise search, Precognox  

Effective search for security

Based on the foregoing, it is quite understandable that our enterprise search solution is indispensable to the organizations dealing with processes that require name identification procedure. These processes are: – checking personal records – check-in and access controlling – border controlling – guarding and protecting – judicial, investigative and forensic tasks. Large organizations such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Airbnb have chosen Rosette’s Name Matching product and major companies in Hungary also voted for TAS Enterprise Search which integrates this solution.  

Safety first

The TAS Enterprise Search engine is particularly suited to security related organizations. Thus it is important that Precognox is in the list of companies that meet national security requirements.  

Curious about how TAS Enterprise Search works?

Watch the video introducing TAS Enterprise Search developed by Precognox – English subtitle is available.

Try it out

We have developed our registration free trial version called Blog Enterprise Search.The searchable content is provided by three blog sites: Hungarian and English blog posts on the Precognox website and articles from the Keresővilág (Search World) Blog. The advanced search interface allows you to launch searches and offers filtering and sorting options. The given article appears after clicking on a result, so the original content is readable. The search terms can be both Hungarian and English. The (adjustable) language of the search engine is determined by the language setting of your browser. We wish you a good (name) search!

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enterprise search, Precognox

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