Forget the paper-based search!

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Disadvantages of paper-based documents

Even in today’s digital age, many organizations and businesses use printed and paper-based documents. They may even be required by law to do so. Previous contracts, orders, invoices and other important contents (even from external sources) may only be available in printed format. In addition to storing these documents, the biggest challenge is to retrieve important information out of them. The larger amount of printed material an enterprise has, the more time-consuming this process will be.


Victory is seldom won by half measures

Digitizing your documents can solve your storage problems. This can be done by scanning or using a digital camera on a smartphone, but this is only half measure, since the textual content of these types of digitized files – pdf or image (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, tiff, tif, gif) – is not searchable.


Victory by a real solution

For the real solution we need an enterprise search engine with integrated optical character recognition technology. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) procedure extracts text content from image formats and the enterprise search engine makes the content searchable.
The TAS Enterprise Search developed by Precognox, with its integrated artificial intelligence-based OCR technology, is ideal for text search in digitalized content. On the user interface, not only simple, but also quite complex and even bulk search options are available. Filtering and sorting the results is also possible, so the user will definitely find the relevant content.

, Precognox

It’s worth thinking about how efficient such a search process can be, which on the one hand makes workflow much faster and on the other hand a lot more comfortable. This can be an enormous help and advancement for large institutions and organizations, such as hospitals, ministries, archives, where a large number of paper documents are available and produced.

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