How does an enterprise search engine become more effective by the use of a thesaurus?

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A really efficient and intelligent enterprise search engine requires a word database, more specifically a tree like wort database, that can serve as a basis for optimizing your search. This data network is called thesaurus.


Thesaurus history


The thesaurus was originally a concept used by librarians, and the information collection with this name was used to organize and efficiently manage the documents stored in a library. The thesaurus is similar to a dictionary, but the articles contain not the explanation or the translation of the words, but expressions and the relations between them.

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The TAS Thesaurus Manager GUI

Thesaurus and the enterprise search

In order to optimize the enterprise search engine, it is primarily necessary to define the relations and the synonyms between the terms in the given thesaurus. In addition, it may be useful to have additional data (missing from a traditional thesaurus): the typical typos of the given expression.
The development of such databases is possible by Precognox’s TAS Thesaurus Manager, which involves the above mentioned relationships. Furthermore the application uses graphs to display the connections between the expressions and a multi-stage annotator system makes it possible for the annotators to verify the wordpairs and relations with just two clicks.

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Graph created in TAS Thesaurus Manager

With such a database, the user can search more successfully what he is looking for, even if the given search term is not exactly the term what (s)he has in mind. This is why the Precognox’s TAS Enterprise Search is even more effective, since it can use a thesaurus.

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