How is advanced and intelligent enterprise search available in Analyst’s Notebook?

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i2 Analyst’s Notebook

i2 Analyst’s Notebook is a professional visualization tool of IBM for analysis in investigation. Its top features are used by investigators and analysts.
In addition to investigative processes, its fields of application are very diverse, such as:

  • financial analysis
  • risk management
  • Business Intelligence
  • audit and control

The i2 Analyst Notebook is capable of displaying complex information that exists between entities (individuals, companies, bank accounts, phone numbers), events or even transactions. It helps analysts and investigators uncover and display information in concise and easy-to-understand tables and charts.
Visualization, data analysis and management, and intelligent graphics all provide significant assistance to analysts and the investigators in their investigative processes. With the help of the software, even the most complex data connection network can be processed.

The solution allows the user to manage the following from a single interface:

  • databases
  • official notes and records
  • visual materials (photos, videos)
  • audio format documents
  • charts
  • emails
  • text files and other content

Objects that contains information can be the followings:

  • personal data
  • company data
  • bank accounts
  • phone calls
  • specifications
  • location information

All of these and even other object types can also be compared to real events and realized transactions.

Thanks to its many features, the i2 Analyst’s Notebook excels in discovering and representing information, as it can be used to solve a huge number of very complex analytical tasks:

  • exploring relationships
  • detection of correlations
  • discovery and search of (transactional) schemes
  • relationship search and identification
  • transparent display of information
  • creating an easy-to-understand visualized summary

Integration of the TAS Text Analytics System with i2 Analyst’s Notebook

In light of the foregoing, it can be stated that i2 Analyst’s Notebook is the world’s leading professional tool for visual analysis in investigations. Therefore the solutions of TAS Text Analytics System were developed in order to be available even to i2 Analyst’s Notebook users thanks to two-way integration. The integration was achieved with the help of VERI2, the official distributor of Analyst’s Notebook.

What solutions does the TAS text analytics system offer to i2 Analyst’s Notebook users?

TAS Enterprise Search – as part of the TAS Text Analytics System developed by Precognox – provides an outstanding solution for searching for data and textual content. The search engine features enable performing quite complex searches in the entire dataset or in objects depicted Analyst’s Notebook, including the compiled analyzes.
In addition to integrated name identification and entity recognition solutions, a built-in conceptual dictionary – TAS Thesaurus Manager – also helps to refine the most complex search processes. The searches performed can be tracked in the TAS Search Log Analyzer interface.
If the data (textual content) to be processed is not or only partially available within the company’s data assets, then TAS Data Collector is the right solution for collecting additional web-based contents for the i2 Analyst’s Notebook user.
Moreover, with the rise of OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), law enforcement agencies must also be prepared to exploit data assets from open sources. With the help of TAS Data Collector, web-based open data can be collected, stored and analyzed in a structured, semantic quality, significantly reducing the human resource requirements of investigative background work and at the same time increasing its efficiency.
The system fully supports the analyst’s data work process enabling the user to view data related to the target person. Whether the data come from the registry or from an occurrence in an earlier report, with the support of TAS Enterprise Search, user can easily find either misspelled or phonologically misunderstood names. The search engine produces outstanding results even in case of searching for foreign names. Using the integrated Rosette Name Matching solution, the system is able to detect when duplicate entities occur within a chart, which would be quite difficult to be spotted for example in case foreign names spelled with special characters.

A real hit in the search process

The integration of i2 Analyst’s Notebook and the TAS Text Analytics System opens up new horizons for users as new features expand the range of tasks that can be performed efficiently.
If your business is also an i2 Analyst’s Notebook user and you need additional text analytics solutions, please contact us.

Learn more about the solutions developed by Precognox on TAS Text Analytics System product page.

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