Intuitive enterprise search and data analysis in practice

Intuitive search, Precognox

More and more companies are employing data analysts, data scientists and BI experts, and expect them to deliver relevant pieces of information, analyses and visualized outcomes for business decisions. These people are real experts in their fields, but are they really capable of presenting valuable information to the decision makers?

Case study – What do you need for business clairvoyance? (Insights in practice)

Let’s look at a real-life example: in the case of a mechanised production line, it is easy to see how reliable it is and how often it fails. However, to discover the correlations behind the failures, more research and analysis is needed. Of course, in a given situation, clairvoyance can be hampered by a number of factors. This is why it is also difficult to find out, for example, if the failures can be linked to a specific operator, as this requires not only data from the production line, but also, for example, operator or maintenance logbook entries or attendance sheets. These must be searchable parallelly to obtain useful information. In addition to the right search solution, what you need for intuitive search is professional knowledge and experience.

Knowledge and experience: the essence for intuitive search

It is clear from the case mentioned above that, in addition to the right search and analysis tool, finding correlations also requires an expert who, in addition to being able to use the search and analysis tool, has a high level of insight into the processes within the company. This may include professional and local knowledge, insider information, knowledge of the operational processes or positions and responsibilities within the company. Applying this knowledge, the search can be truly effective.

Of course, the given expert must also have a certain intuitive ability to recognize the value (valuable and relevant information) in the company’s data assets.

Intuitive search, Precognox
getting proper insight into the corporate data assets is essential

TAS Insight Engine: getting clear insight into your corporate data assets

Insight engine is a comprehensive tool to gain deeper insight into your enterprise data, which can include:

  • text documents
  • image and sound files
  • emails
  • collected web contents

TAS Insight Engine integrates numerous solutions to help you unlock the potential of your enterprise data assets:

  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • speech-to-text
  • image recognition
  • entity recognition
  • keyword extraction
  • topic definition
  • sentiment analysis
  • emotion analysis
  • categorization

For TAS Insight Engine, additional modules are also available to help you search the corporate data assets, such as:

With the integration of the world’s leading text analytics tools and proprietary add-on modules, TAS Insight Engine is an advanced tool for enterprise search. This solution in the hands of the right expert can truly help and support the business decision making effectively.

Intuitive search and data analysis

TAS Insight Engine provides the capabilities that support the user to create the most complex searches for data retrieval. Among other things, search operators help experts to use their intuition to exploit the potential of enterprise data assets in the most sophisticated way.

A well-constructed search can extract information that can directly valuable to corporate decision-making. In addition, the information extracted can be used and visualised by business intelligence tools.
Provided that the specialist using the solution – whether a data scientist or a business analyst – has sufficient insight into the company’s operations, it is possible to implement truly intuitive search and data analysis, which can be used to support business decision-making even in the case described at the beginning of this post.

Intuitive search and data analysis in practice

The main component of the TAS Insight Engine is the TAS Enterprise Search, which allows you to perform complex queries in the search interface. For our case study above, our search term will be “failure”.

Intuitive search, Precognox

Our search will run in our integrated corporate data assets documents (e.g. management logs, maintenance records, repair contracts). The results list will show the details of all documents in which our search term is found. In addition, thanks to entity retrieval, each result will also show the different entities that can be found in the given document, such as names of persons, organisations, dates, etc. Browsing through the results, user can notice matches (even patterns). In our case for example, we find a match for a personal name. In this case we can even start a new, even more complex query, adding the name to our original search term. In this way, we can examine separately those documents that match both search terms. In this way, we can link a production line breakdown to a worker (or, in the case of other matches, to a maintenance worker, supplier, etc.).

Tip: with TAS Enterprise Bulk Search solution, it is possible to search a complete list of employees at the same time uploaded as an Excel spreadsheet. In this case, the number of results are displayed separately for each name.

TAS Insight Engine – a search tool for your intuition

Preparing business decisions using information from your company’s data assets is essential in our days. To do this, you need an insight engine and a real expert with the right expertise and intuition.

Find out more about the TAS Insight Engine.

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