Key to success: continuous professional development

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IT and software development are two areas where the rate of development far exceeds that of other sectors. Thus continuous learning, upholding up-to-date knowledge, and putting it into practice are essential for business success and high-level professional presence.

Due to our company culture, we support team members as much as possible in their professional development, because this is in our common interest. Whether it’s a conference, training, workshop, presentation or a talk that serves the interests of the team and the entire company, we have to be there.

Most often, the employees indicate that they have become aware of an event, happening or course in which participation is clearly beneficial and useful both for the team and considering the future of the company. We always welcome and support these initiatives, whether financially or by reorganizing tasks, work schedules, or even office premises.

We also learn from each other

The professional community founded by our company, the Kaposvár Software Developer Meetup, welcomes those interested in the profession. The events hold by the community members offer a great opportunity to learn from each other.

Team and individual development

This year – and especially the last few months – offered a lot of opportunities to step forward in the field of software development. The following events helped us in this:

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professional success - after Gábor Gelencsér's successful closing lecture at the CKO Academy

Supporting the professional environment

In addition to encouraging team members, we also support others reaching their goals by our initiatives (organizing competitions for students, teachers and schools, holding professional meetups and career guidance lectures).

And the invested energy always pays off, whether it’s about learning, charity or supporting the local community.

Would you also like to improve? Join us.

If you already have solid software development skills and also want to improve, then it is definitely worth having a look at our job offers!

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