Kozbeszerzes.ceu.hu has been launched

, Precognox

This week, kozbeszerzes.ceu.hu, a portal that makes searchable the Hungarian procurement data, has been launched. The site has been developed by CEU Microdata, a research group at the Department of Economics of the Central European University, lead by Miklos Koren and Adam Szeidl. Procurement data has been released in unstructured documents by the government, so it is extremely hard to get useful information from the texts. Precognox has developed a special text mining solution that extracts the relevant information from text files and stores them in a structured database which can be analyzed by researchers. Our company is very proud of the success of CEU Microdata. The site is simple and functional, and it is even robot friendly, so one can automatically harvest procurement data using kozbeszerzes.ceu.hu. CEU Microdata is a very active research group and they will produce other open datasets in the near future. Congratulations guys, we are eagerly waiting for your new results!

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