Online coding competition for students in Somogy County

Online coding competition, Precognox

The impacts of COVID-19 have been causing challenging days to all sectors of our economies and societies in all continents (yes, even in Antarctica). We at Precognox are especially concerned about Hungary’s education system, in which home-schooling has been a rather rare phenomenon so far, but now it had to go online literally from one day to the next.

Since we have always tried to support Hungary’s school system with our available means (e.g. by starting the IT teacher of the year annual event in 2015, arranging an IT career meetup in 2019, etc.), we had a strong intention to take some action in the current situation as well. Therefore, as a way to express our compassion to our education leaders and organizers, teachers, and students and to help them survive these trying days, we have decided to organize an online coding competition for students of all grades in Somogy County (as Precognox is based in Kaposvar, the county seat of Somogy County). With this competition we aim at helping our local county’s primary-, middle- and high schools and their students, and also drawing attention to the importance of coding as a skill and competence which is absolutely necessary in the 21st century, especially during these trying times.

We have designated a significant sum of money for individual and school prizes, and we are inviting other companies to team up with us for this occasion and to contribute to the funds we have started.

The kick-off date of the competition was April 8, 2020, and it ends on June 12, 2020.
Winners will be announced on June 19, 2020.

So far, our initial sum has tripled; many thanks to:

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