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Since its foundation in 2008, parallel with its software development activities our company has developed numerous text analytics solutions which are a major advantage for our customers and partners in business and for the society regard to social well-being.

We have collected our previous blog posts to provide an insight into the professional world of Precognox.

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The importance of an appropriate enterprise search engine

Information search is becoming a growing challenge for companies and employees. That’s why it is essential having an applying an advanced enterprise search engine in the corporate environment.

Why is it important to have an enterprise search engine?

How does an enterprise search engine work?

How does an enterprise search engine become more effective by the use of a thesaurus?

How to search effectively with web and enterprise search engines?

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Accurate name recognition and name matching is essential in law enforcement

The most advanced name matching solution helps ensure that people can be accurately identified even when using a pseudonym.

Enterprise search for security

Aliases are no longer a challenge

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Fight against money laundering

Enterprise search solutions such TAS Enterprise Search is a major help for financial institutions to comply with anti-money laundering laws.

Anti-money laundering and enterprise search

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The time of paperwork has expired

Thanks to optical character recognition, you no longer have to dig in the dusty cabinet looking for information hidden in dossiers.

Forget the paper-based search

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Why is text mining and web data collection useful?

The scope of application utilizing information collected by text mining methods is almost endless.

How can we get quality data from the web?

How can we utilize web contents?

Our text analytics solutions, Precognox

For the safety of everyday life

Natural language processing, machine learning and human-centered artificial intelligence are now at the forefront of preventing terrorist acts.
In the field of natural language processing our partner is Basis Technology, the developer of ROSETTE Text Analytics System, including world-leading name matching solution (RNI). Utilizing the ROSETTE product range Precognox, as system integrator, develops advanced text analytics solutions.

Making most of intelligence

Our text analytics solutions, Precognox

Custom software development and human-centered artificial intelligence

The popular and extremely useful Járókelő application has been realized with the help of Precognox annotators.

AI aided classifier helps performance evaluation

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The importance of open data for society

The collection and provision of open data is of paramount importance to society, especially regarding to the transparency of public procurement. That is why we participate in the Digiwhist project and therefore we ensure the operation of the Hungarian opendata website.

Digiwhist project

How is it possible to get control over government spending on public money?

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Being always up to date

By collecting and following the news, you can always make up to date business decisions.

TAS News Reader – Don’t miss the latest news

You have a new match. Search automation with result notification

Our text analytics solutions, Precognox

Being international

If you are a software company looking to expand your team, Hungary and Precognox in particular will certainly be a good choice.

Solution to the shortage of JAVA developers in Norway: team augmentation with Hungarian experts

Understanding and being understood

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Positive or negative?

Sentiment analysis integrated into TAS Tagger makes feasible the filtering of text documents by sentiment in TAS Enterprise Search.

Sentiment analysis by text analytics solutions

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