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At Precognox, Data Science consists of Search, Natural Language Processing and Analytics. Usually, we are working with huge amounts of textual data and we help our clients to understand the information stored in texts by making the data searchable, extracting meta-data (e.g. named entities, timestamps) enriching data (e.g. clustering it into topics or classifying it into predetermined classes, sentiment and emotion scores) and presenting the information for providing insights into the data.

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How we work


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Data Science is not magic, our Data Team follows industry standard best practices from the very beginning of each project. The usual workflow has got the following steps:

Managing your data

Most Data Science problems need labeled data to train machine learning algorithms. This means either you can provide labels, or labels should be added to the data. Our QA team is ready to label – or if you prefer fancy words, annotate – your data.

Taking care of your data

We are taking care of our clients’ data, so only the necessary number of people will have access, and they will treat it confidentially. Your data will be stored with strictly managed accessibility.

Know what you get from Precognox

We provide you an evaluation of the system upon completing it, so you will know how confident you can be using our data analysis tools.

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