Precognox partners with Basis Technology to deliver next-gen text analytics in Europe

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Precognox joins Basis Technology’s Partner Program as a system integrator for Rosette Text Analytics

Basis Technology, the leader in AI for human language, announced today that Hungary-based systems integrator Precognox has joined Basis Technology’s Partner Program.

Basis Technology is the leading provider of software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured multilingual text and digital devices. Basis Technology’s language analysis and digital forensics software is used in the US and abroad in defense and intelligence industry providing resources for counterterrorism, cybersecurity, drug policy and law enforcement.

Rosette, Basis Technology’s flagship product, is one of the most-widely used multilingual text analytics solutions on the market. Available as a web API or on-premise, Rosette has been tested and proven in numerous fields, including Google’s multilingual search and Amazon’s global e-commerce system. Rosette is the top provider of document enrichment for Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages in mainstream search engines and has been embedded into both government and commercial solutions. Additionally, Rosette’s entity extraction and sentiment analysis features enables social media analytics solutions.

, Precognox

Precognox has now joined Basis Technology’s Partner Program and the firm is looking forward to utilizing this novel partnership to improve their European offerings and expand into the US market.

Endre Jofoldi, CEO of Precognox: “We are more than delighted to have been able to partner with Basis Technology and work on Rosette. Additionally, we have been involved in further software development projects at Basis Technology as part of our business plan to set a foot in the US market – primarily in the Boston area – as developers.”

“Precognox knowledge on the search market, process, methods and tools was an important asset to partner with them. We trust Precognox to develop for us and for our customers, to implement and customize our tools for specific needs and also help us create new features, demos and use cases.” says Steve Cohen, COO at Basis Technology.

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