Quality matters: Battle tested solutions

, Precognox

We love software, especially if it is safe, reliable, and does its job. Our philosophy of design is simple: know your product. So we are using SCRUM/Agile methodology, rigorous testing and we evaluate every machine learning solution.


Engineering is a curious mixture of science and craft. Our team has almost thirty members, some of them with 8-10 years of experience. The team structure is flat, junior stuff is fully integrated into the work under the guidance of their senior peers. We are a Java shop and our engineers are keen to learn about the Java ecosystem, from the low-level details to designing architectures. As craftsmen, we know that even the cutting-edge technology can be used in the wrong way. So, we introduced the SCRUM methodology. We work closely with our clients, this means short iterations that provides possibilities for feedback and thinking about the further directions during the development.
Quality matters

Using SCRUM methodology and test-driven development reduces the possibilities of bugs though it can’t eliminate them. We have a separated Quality Assurance Team which main purpose is to exhaustively test every product made by our software development team. When it is required we give testing to independent testers. Also, our team can be hired for doing independent tests.

In the era of big data, you can’t avoid machine learning (ML) applications. These often require labeled data for supervised learning tasks. Our evaluation team has got experienced annotators who can prepare labeled data for training and testing. We see evaluation as part of the quality assurance and testing process, hence we don’t sell products without an evaluation report of its ML parts.
There is no software without bugs. But it does matter where those bugs lie! SCRUM methodology, quality assurance and evaluation helps us to avoid the critical ones.

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