The NOTA portal is live, also known as the Daily Visit Medical Knowledge base Application

, Precognox

With the NOTA medical search engine, made for the Akadémiai Kiadó, you can search in the whole content of Hungarian medical journals and current technical guidelines on the NOTA website. With the automatic translation of search words, using the subject heading of PubMed, it is possible to find English articles too.

Even in it’s current state, it is a very useful tool, it is recommended for the readers beside EHM (EPA, HUMANUS, MATARKA United Search) and the MOB (Hungarian Medical Bibliography). Since it is platform independent and freely accessible (of course the full text requires a subscription) it is very useful not only for researches but for practicing doctors as well.

During the search there is no need to part the search word or phrase because the search also applies for the root (for example: the term is “growth rate”, the results will contain matches for “grow” and “growth”). Since the Hungarian search terms are translated in the process, most likely we will get PubMed hits also. On the contrary, searching for an english term will probably result only in PubMed matches.

This project was developed as a part of the KConnect H2020 consortium project.

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