We have moved to our new office

We have moved to our new office, Precognox

We really loved our previous office, which we turned into our second home in 8 years, but time has come to switch.

What was the former office like? Our short film reveals:

We said goodbye to our headquarters on Vár Street, but our new office, located on the first floor of the Kaposvár Informatics and Innovation Center (7400 Kaposvár, Fő utca 65.), opens up new perspectives for colleagues during work, as well as for receiving clients and even for holding events. The new park surrounding the building provides a picturesque environment to feel the closeness of nature in the middle of the city center.

Check out what a weekday is like in the new office with our hyperlapse video.

We are waiting our customers and partners in this renewed environment, but with the usual high level of service.

The inner world of our new office was designed by Karácsony Emese Dekor. Thank you again!