What is it like working at our company? We asked again…

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Our May poll revealed what our employees think about the company. Now we asked them again to evaluate the company. Everyone had the opportunity again to share her/his thoughts in a few words anonymously.


Such opinions were received:


“Excellent mood, interesting tasks, good environment, helpful colleagues.”

“I always have challenging tasks and in a small but important team, the distribution process of tasks is something I like to learn. Beside this when I make a mistake I have the opportunity to try again.”

“Good atmosphere, well-ordered environment, interesting tasks, great leadership.”

“Because there are still no malicious* people …” – (* the term was the same used in the previous survey)

“Pleasant atmosphere, good colleagues, minimal stress.”

“I know exactly what awaits me the next day.”

“The atmosphere is good, my colleagues are friendly, and my work is rewarded.”

“I enjoy the professional / personal discussions with colleagues. Teamwork! I feel that I am a well-functioning part in a superb machine (the missing of this feeling is the biggest disadvantage of home office). The atmosphere. Practicing English professional language. Coffee with colleagues Lunch with Endre (Endre Jóföldi – CEO).”

“Meaningful, challenging tasks, good work environment, inspiring collegiate relationships.”

“Because we work in a team.”

“Because the atmosphere is mostly relaxed.”

“It is easy to work in a relaxed environment with professionally trained colleagues and competent leadership.”

“Good atmosphere, cleanliness and orderliness, office equipment, fruit, coffee / tea.”

“The relationship with colleagues, good workplace atmosphere and the challenges of the processes. I am esteemed so it’s good to be here. ”

“The team motivates and helps my work.”

“I could write the same thing as last time.”

“It does not cause stress to come in every day. The atmosphere is quite calm.”

“I love my job and the atmosphere. I feel I can improve.”


Not much has changed since the last survey – fortunately. This means that we are on the right way.

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