What is it like working at our company?

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In a brief internal survey, we asked colleagues to rate the company. Everyone had the opportunity to share her/his thoughts in a few words anonymously.


Such opinions were received:


“I can develop myself every day and I am surrounded by intelligent people.”

“I can work with good people. There are many who work conscientiously and do more than expected. I appreciate this especially about Karesz *. “(*CTO)

“I can start my job without stress.”

“Relaxed environment, good community.”

“The staff is helpful, the work environment is clean, the principles of the company and the attitude of the management are good.”

“Because there are no malicious * people here: D” (* the used term was other)

“I know what’s waiting for me, I can improve.”

“Fine atmosphere, interesting tasks.”

“When I feel comfortable with my immediate colleagues, I can solve challenging tasks. I feel that my boss appreciates and trusts me therefore I enjoy working here.”

“The atmosphere is quite friendly. Everyone is willing to help others. I get everything to do my job. I am proud that over the last 2 years I have developed not only professionally but also humanly. ”

“I am a valuable member of the team, who is able to carry out the tasks and so I have the opportunity to learn and develop. Absolutely supportive environment and colleagues. ”

“It is also up to me what we build together. I feel like I’m an exemplary mentor to inexperienced colleagues. “

“The team provides a helpful, motivating, relaxed environment.”

“With up-to-date technologies, we accomplish interesting and important tasks through continuous learning.”

“Everyone is treated equal, my opinion counts, and there is an accepting workplace culture (not blaming each other).”


So such we are.

Do you have similar opinion about your workplace? If not, but you would like to work in such environment and atmosphere – and you are a smart programmer – then contact us!

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