Career Meetup with our Interns

With the first ever Precognox Career Guidance Meetup, we wanted to help the current generation of 16-18s with information that can facilitate their future career choices. Before the presentation, a small guided tour gave them an insight into the life of our company, where and how we work, and what corporate culture we have. The leaders of DigiSuli also introduced themselves to high school students.

This was followed by a very competent, playful and often funny presentation from our interns who provided up-to-date information on university life, the profession, summer practice and the daily lives of students in higher education. The three participants who responded best to the questions during the presentation received a gift, which Leonardo Computer helped to purchase.
It was pleasant to see that the guests were very active both in the game and the during the Q&A section. Once again, pizza turned out to be a good companion to the conversation.


Thanks again to the interns for the presentation, the teachers for organizing and the students for participating in the event.

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