This code of ethics has been developed in accordance with our social engagement policy.

Common moral and behavioral standards

During operation the company complies with all laws and regulations and expects this from all employees and business partners. In addition, it is also expected that generally accepted human rights standards are respected by all stakeholders during their work and in their private lives in order to uphold the good reputation of the company.
These norms apply to all written and unwritten rules of coexistence, with particular regard to the personal rights, religious, gender, ethnic, political affiliation and beliefs.
The persons concerned must not restrict others in the exercise of their rights or legitimate personal needs. The company’s management and employees strive to observe and enforce all the above.

Leadership behavior

The company owners want to set an example to the employees by their behavior by considering the contents of the code of ethics as binding on themselves. In addition to the company’s business management, their personal actions also reflect the jointly accepted moral standards.
During the recruitment process, only those are selected who are able and willing to follow the standards necessary for joint cooperation. The owners provide all support, help and guidance to ensure that the accepted standards can be adhered to. They support all those processes (personal training, team-building meetings, consulting, creation of appropriate work environment) that promote joint work. They undertake that no one will be discriminated against. The owners strive to prevent incidents and to resolve arising problems and disagreements peacefully.
The employment policy applied by owners leaves ethnic, gender, religious, nationality, age or health aspects of the applicant unrelated to the given job position out of account.

Employee behavior

In addition to the owners of the company, all employees accept the content written in the code of ethics and consider it binding on themselves. Employees perform their tasks and behave in such a way that others are not discriminated against or restricted in the exercise of their rights, including their family and social activities outside of working hours.
Employees carry out their tasks and behave so that others are not being discriminated against or restricted in the exercise of their rights, including their family and social activities outside of working hours.


The salary and related allowance system within the company is determined in such a way that the pay of the employees is considered fair and just, taking into account the expectations of the given position, the quality of the employee’s activities, the length and quality of work experience, the local cost of living and the salary level of the industry.
The company financially supports employees’ completion of training courses with the aim to achieve their personal goals.

Working conditions

The company strives to provide the most comfortable working conditions based on employee feedback, considering even special individual needs.
In addition to providing ergonomic tools and furniture, fresh fruit / muesli / granola bars provided on a daily basis and targeted sports support contribute to preserving the health of employees.

Internal and external communication

Internal communication channels have been established within a regulated framework, with particular regard to sensitive company and personal information. The relevant regulations and guidelines are available to everyone and are regularly presented at joint events.
One-on-one talks and daily feedback meetings also serve the purpose of appropriate communication.
Compliance with the provisions of the code of ethics is also expected during internal and external communication.

Customer and public relations

The company conducts its business in compliance with applicable laws and expects this from its customers and partners. The company strives to maintain its business reputation related to customer and public relations, among others by compliance with the provisions of the law and individual legal contracts especially regarding business confidentiality. The company endeavors to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on trust, and to comply with the rules of fair market competition.
With regard to the provision of services and the sale of products, the company undertakes to comply with the relevant laws and regulations and treats consumer and partner information confidential according to the unique legal environment.

Relation with local community and environment

Precognox maintains good local relations with partners, the press and market players. It is among the company’s priorities to build local partnerships and support local communities (schools, foundations, etc.) and their initiatives.
In the course of work process plannings, the company pays particular attention to the use of the most economical solutions with the smallest ecological footprint, with particular regard to initiatives (e.g. car-free day) and opportunities (e.g. selective waste collection) aimed at protecting the environment.

Promotional activity

The company coordinates its promotional activities, including planning and creating press and advertising contents and materials, articles and job advertisements in accordance with the provisions of this code of ethics.
During its marketing and advertising activities, the company strives to reflect reality, avoiding false or exaggerated claims, and expects this from its communication partners and press relations as well.