Human-centered AI

Why would you guess about facts, if human-centered AI can reveal them for you? We offer personalized solutions that help you understand the information stored in structured and unstructured data. We make data searchable, extract meta-data (e.g. named entities, timestamps) enrich data (e.g. classification, topic modelling, sentiment and emotion scores) and visualize the information. Our complex approach applies state-of-the art methods of machine learning and NLP.

About human-centered artificial intelligence

Human-centered AI helps you get empirical insights into your data through the following steps:

  • data gathering (What type? E.g. text, blog or image
    From where? E.g. data harvested with TAS Data Collector or own data)
  • data cleaning, validation
  • annotation
  • transforming, feature engineering
  • feature extraction
  • model training, parameter tuning
  • supervised machine learning: classifier
  • unsupervised machine learning: topic modeling, clustering
  • model evaluation
  • web services
  • visualization (What type? E.g. interactive dashboard, print visualization)


The latest news, project reports and description of interesting scientific phenomena are available on Precognox Blog.

Use cases

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