We are an official partner of Basis Technology as Rosette API system integrator, and we also provide them search and text analytics related software development services. One of Rosette’s most special products is the name indexing solution, which can be used in case of personal identification and name search.


Intapp through the aquirement of Gwabbit provides its partners integrable contact and relationship management solutions like ERM or DQM. Precognox is Intapp’s external software development partner.


Our client is a Hungarian organization operating in the field of security, for which the accurate identification of persons in numerous existing databases is elementary. Making these contents searchable required a sophisticated enterprise search engine that excels in identifying entities, especially person names. The customizable search interface had to be able to provide very complex and even bulk search options in the content of multilingual documents. The theme-independent TAS Enterprise Search Engine we developed integrates the world’s leading entity recognition and identification solution, making it the perfect choice for our client.


We have created a new search engine based on Precognox for the market-leading Profession Job Portal. The new searcher included both a resume for employers and a job search for job seekers. Their search engine also uses our TAS Thesaurus Manager, which enables intelligent, semantic search by completing search terms with synonyms of search words and other related words.


We are developing a professional J2EE solution with an AngularJS frontend for Memoq Translation Technologies. Memoq is one of the most innovative companies in Hungary. Started in 2004 by three Hungarian language technologists, the company quickly evolved into a multinational, transatlantic company and has become one of the most important players of the translating market in the world. Memoq is on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe list since 2012. Their MemoQ product is the world’s most advanced translating environment.

To achieve the most efficient results and optimal user experience, Precognox and Memoq cooperate using a flexible, agile, Scrum based software development methodology. Precognox is building the architecture that is designed to be scalable by triggering new servers to share the workload if necessary, thus enabling the cooperation of multiple and multipliable components. This solution secures fluent progression, dynamically reacting to load – practically within hours.


German telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn and by revenue the largest telecommunications provider in Europe.
Precognox’s experts were maintaining and developing the T-Mobile CRM systems for many years.


Blackbelt is a great help to companies in Western and Eastern Europe who are looking to outsource their software development needs. Precognox is a software development partner of Blackbelt.


We are partners in this Horizon 2020 project working on the commercialisation of new multi-lingual medical text analysis and search services. The new medical information search services has the ability to empower healthcare and life science professionals and the public alike. The search service can provide the fastest and most relevant medical support information available from which users can make the best-informed decisions.

The intelligent (semantic) search service can incorporate both published medical literature and in-house medical information sources (such as electronic health records or health registries).

Our partners are top universities and great SMEs:
– Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
– Findwise AB (Sweden)
– Ontotext AD (Bulgaria)
– Trip Database Ltd (UK)
– Health on the Net Foundation (Switzerland)
– Qulturum, Region Jönköping County (Sweden)
– King’s College London (UK)
– University of Sheffield (UK): GATE
– Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic)


Founded in 2010 by 3 former SAP experts, Attrecto develops new and emerging mobile, Internet and digital technologies. Precognox is a software development partner of Attrecto.


We participated in the development of, a portal that makes searchable the Hungarian procurement data. The site was developed by CEU Microdata, a research group at the Department of Economics of the Central European University, lead by Miklos Koren and Adam Szeidl. Procurement data has been released in unstructured documents by the government, so it is extremely hard to get useful information from the texts.

Precognox has developed a special text mining solution that extracts the relevant information from text files and stores them in a structured database which can be analyzed by researchers. Our company is very proud of the success of CEU Microdata. The site is simple and functional, and it is even robot friendly, so one can automatically harvest procurement data using


We developed custom search solution for Edgewater Federal Incorporated for several years.


NIEHS Library, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Library and Information Services, NIEHS Library (intranetes)


The site is a Hungarian open data storage website, where you can upload and download open data. The page is hosted by K-Monitor and operated by Precognox.


We are a system integrator of Neticle API, so we are able to deliver custom solutions based on Neticle services.
Neticle is doing intelligent media monitoring, media analysis and social listening. Neticle saves you time by finding and processing every relevant mention, thanks to their humanly precise automated analysis.


From May, 2019 we are the official Hungarian Ready level partner of Redhat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions.


HealthMash is now available on SciVerse Applications beta. The new application is the result of a partnership between Precognox and Elsevier, a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services. We have also developed a mobile interactive book application for them.

David Marques, VP Business Development, Workflow Solutions: “Precognox developed a product (an interactive book mobile application) for us, and they had frequent, clear communication, and a very much ‘get-things-done’ approach, just what we value in our partners. We had big problems with the technical quality of our content, and Endre and his team stepped up, went beyond what was required, and turned the project around. It was a pleasure to work with Endre and his team. He proved an excellent action-oriented leader whose team delivered. A good partner if you want to get things done.”


A major overhaul has been carried out on It has become a vast collection of job advertisments to which we supply the crawling, collecting and searching solutions. We use our Infoharvester to collect the information, then we store it in a Hadoop cluster.


We created a search application for the NIH Library (National Institutes of Health Library), where we search for the most important open source and authentication sources.


National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MaryLand
ToxSeek: Toxicology Search


WebFeat has been licensing our clustering technology for their federated search application from 2007 to 2009.


We are providing text mining and custom natural language processing services to Meltwater, which is a leading media intelligence software provider.


ITware develops applications for mid-sized and large companies in the telecommunications, finance, logistics and industry sector. Precognox is a software development partner of ITware.


Operating since 2001, Grepton has been working on Microsoft, Oracle, Java-based development, Business Intelligence (BI) tools, system support and R&D. Precognox is a software development partner of Grepton.


The new, Solr-based search engine is highly customized to the needs of Cylex and is capable of index-time transformations, such as stemming and using payloads to store weights and increase score for specific terms or phrases. It refines retrieval by ranking arbitrary compound functions, using available customer data and business logic. The new generation search engine enables faster retrieval and even more relevant search targets due to improved linguistic and computational processing. The latest versions of the search engines for Cylex Business Directories by Precognox are already up and running for the British and the German market.

Imre Papuscan, Product Manager at Cylex: “At first we attempted building the search engine ourselves as we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, but we got stuck in development and we had to admit not quite having the experience in Solr-based solutions. That was when we turned to the experts of Precognox and started an interactive developing procedure where we were stunned by their experience, competence and attitude towards their profession. We managed to overcome all the mishaps step by step, assembled the pieces of the puzzle piece by piece – as we knew how and where the data was stored and where the points were a slight change in the algorhythm was enough to solve a problem without the search result being much affected. Feedback so far shows that not only us but our customers are also delighted with the search engine.”


We developed the NOTA website for the Akadémiai Kiadó on the purpose to help searching in Medical literature sources with a platformfree application – it can be used from a smartphone standing next to the sick-bed. This application is useful for doctors and also in the medical education, research and development.


Aggregating and curating content is a hard, yet highly regarded task. Webicina provides medical professionals a tool for aggregating and curating high quality health-related content, and helps patients to find information relevant to their medical condition. Webicina offers a multilingual solution in 24 languages. Precognox helps Webicina to collect, filter and make searchable its curated content.

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ODR Search Engine searches all the bibliographic data available in Hungary (more than 6.5 million records). ODR (Országos Dokumentumellátó Rendszer – “National Document Supply System”) is an inter-library custom search engine for the masses. In 1997 a law was passed in Hungary that enabled the setup of an inter-library document supply system that includes (on top of the inter-library document supply) the location records of these library documents. Various national, regional, and university libraries with professional or general focus are contributing to the ODR Search Engine. These sources in number and quality guarantee the successful outcome of a search.

The search engine is an easy-to-use, Google or Bing-esque user interface, enabling quick browsing and supporting target-finding refinement by various search options, e.g. intelligent clustering of results.

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Internfish is a one stop shop for students looking for internship and scholarship opportunities. Precognox’s InfoHarvester crawls the web for such opportunities and turns ads into a central, structured, searchable database. Students don’t have to spend hours digging the Web for every possible opportunity any more – they can find everything on Internfish!


We have made a custom federated search engine for The Annette & Irwin Eskind Biomedical Library at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA.


Sanoma’s Startlap is the most known starting page and thematic link collection in Hungary. It has about 2 million links, on more than 8000 pages. We were doing theing their search engine from 2008 to 2012.


A search service developed for the University of Debrecen. The core engine also used by international customers, considers language-specific features (English, Hungarian, etc.) not only simple character-matching during document retrieval. The purpose of developing this service was mapping and indexing the data sources of the portal system along with creating a user-friendly search interface.

The system supports simple and complex, advanced search options as well.

Pre-search options include: “full iDEa”: searches the full university database, “profiles”: searching persons or units, “publications”: ,searches in data of publications, “multimedia”: searches in audiovisual materials

Advanced-only pre-search options (with separate search fields): search by title, or author.

Search query options include: inflections in the results, AND/+: include all search query terms in the results, OR: include at least one of the query terms, amping by using “*” – taking only the stem of the search query in consideration, including all inflection in the results, quotation marks: searching the exact terms in the exact order

Post-search options include (clusters): Author, Institute, Type, Language, Date, Source

The system also supports various filtering options to refine search. The results include links to the original document. All these options were established to maximize the chance of retrieving the correct results with manual refinement if necessary.

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Claim management application, continuous development since January 2004. Main features: maintenance of financial institutions principals, external collection companies and internal administrators, receivables records (clients, debts, payments) receivables management (tasks, alert system, report generation). Reference contact: Zoltán Fazekas, Managing Director, Legal Team Kft.