What is intelligent search?

By intelligent search, we mean when the search process is implemented using a special search engine that is suited to the given task. The unique search solution developed by Precognox is TAS Enterprise search.

In which cases is an intelligent search engine required?

In case of intelligent search the search process has special requirements thus requires a unique search solution. In such a case, the search task can not be accomplished with the help of a generic search engine. An intelligent search engine combines the knowledge of several fields – programming, linguistics, artificial intelligence – providing a truly comprehensive solution for these requirements.

What special cases may be motivational to purchase an intelligent enterprise search engine?

Most search engines have the following features:

  • simple search interface
  • filtering options
  • sorting option

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Above these the following features may also be required:

  • integration with other IT systems and applications
  • name identification and entity recognition
  • advanced or bulk search options
  • advanced search operators
  • saving option for the composed query templates and search results
  • customizable interface
  • access management
  • search log analysis function
  • built-in conceptual dictionary (thesaurus)
  • foreign language search option with special characters
  • integrated technologies (e.g. optical character recognition)
  • additional services related to data (collection, enrichment and cleaning of data)
    additional individual requirements

If the presence of the above features or functions is essential, then it is reasonable to acquire an intelligent enterprise search engine.

Which professional fields intelligent search useful for?

TAS Enterprise Search is developed to provide the most effective search solution for any sector. Our clients are participants and representatives of the following fields:

  • industry
  • commerce
  • research and
  • development
  • security service
  • audit, tax and legal consultancy

In addition, our search solutions can be optimized to meet the specific requirements of any professional field.

What solutions do we offer to our clients?

We have ready-made solutions for intelligent enterprise search. In addition, we are able to deliver customized search solutions that require further software development. Learn more about TAS Enterprise Search on our the TAS Text Analytics System product page. Please contact us to order this service or if you have any special needs!

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Would you like to learn more about intelligent search or the solutions of TAS Platform? Write us or send a message using the contact form below!

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