Data Scientist

Data scientist is a brand-new profession, hence there is no definitive job description of it. What is more, their everyday task is constantly evolving as an immediate reaction to the needs of the market.

A data scientist has the following key competences and skills:

A data scientist can be expected to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Processing large amount of unstructured data and transforming it into structured one that can be used and understood more easily.
  • Analyzing data in order to find patterns and trends that can serve as a basis for further business analysis.
  • Working together with experts of both IT and business, and understanding the problems and needs of both fields.
  • Being sensitive to business-related issues and using data-driven solutions to tackle them.

Projects need the expertise of a data scientist in the following cases:

  • They incorporate tasks that require one to manage huge amount of data and solve complex issues.
  • They value data. The aim of the project is to get valuable information out of a massive amount of data, which is often unstructured as well.
  • They seek novel and creative solutions.

If you happen to realize that your project can be boosted by employing a data scientist, do not hesitate to contact us. Our talented data scientists are ready to help you.