Precognox partners with Basis Technology to deliver next-gen text analytics in Europe

Precognox joins Basis Technology’s Partner Program as a system integrator for Rosette Text Analytics Basis Technology, the leader in AI for human language, announced today that Hungary-based systems integrator Precognox has joined Basis Technology’s Partner Program. Basis Technology is the leading provider of software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured multilingual text and digital […]

The best computational linguists are in Budapest for a few days

The 18th International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing is held in Budapest this year. CICLing is one of the leading NLP conferences and covers nearly all topics related to computational linguistics and natural language processing. This makes it attractive for people from a lot of different areas and leads to lively and […]

Precognox is exhibiting at WoHIT 2016 with KConnect in Barcelona

Connect and partners Findwise and Precognox will be in force at WoHIT 2016 – the new HIMSS Europe World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition, taking place on 21–22 November 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. Hope to see you there at stand 124! See more information at WoHIT page. KConnect will also be at HIMSS17, Orlando […]

We have a new NLP member

Our former trainee, Kitti Balogh, joins our research team as a full-time member. Kitti has just graduated in Eötvös University with an MSc degree from Statistics and her thesis “The application of latent Dirichlet allocation for Social Sciences” received the prize of best Survey Statistics Master’s Thesis of the academic year 2014/15. Congratulations Kitti, we […]

We were sponsoring Stretch Leadership Conference

We were a proud sponsor of Stretch Leadership Conference, what was a leadership and management conference. We did so, because we firmly believe its tag line: “Great teams are built of great people”. This is how we want to build a great software development team! You can relive the event by watching the presentations online: Stretch presentations

Precognox @ CeBIT

We are exhibiting at Cebit this week with other Hungarian companies at Hall 5, D06 stand.  

Java programmers wanted in Kaposvar, Hungary

Our aim is to be the best IT company in our region by creating top-class workplaces in one of the most underdeveloped regions of the EU. We’d like you to help us! Would you like to live and have a gentle pace of living in a beautiful country town? Would you like to work on […]

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Improve your classifier for better results

Tackling a complex issue of automatic classification? Struggling with imbalanced data? Trying to achieve a better performance of automatic classification of more than three classes? We are familiar with these challenges and face them happily. Our data science team trained an algorithm coping with highly complex classification issues.   Kill two birds with one stone […]

Tour Guide To Our Clean Code Metropolis

Code quality is a very important measure of a developer’s work. To make it inspectable, our team applies a static analyser and quality management platform called SonarQube. Thanks to its features we can find out where our code should be improved and refactored, and also a lot of bugs can be detected before runtime. Although […]

AI aided classifier helps performance evaluation

Járókelő is a platform that enables the citizens of Hungary to report and share problems they experience in their environment, like damaged trash cans in public spaces, faded pedestrian crossings or potholes. The issue, noticed by the users, is sent to the authorities that are responsible for its solution and asked to reply whether it […]

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ePSI Platform Workshop – Budapest, Hungary, 2nd October, 2013

A real treat is awaiting those interested in open data on 2nd October at the ePSI Platform Workshop – which will be moderated by our very colleague, Zoltan Varju. There is no entry fee, however, participation requires preliminary Eventbrite registration. Detailed program:

In-house go-kart competition

We held our get-together event last Friday. First we discussed our future plans and on-going developments. The lunch break brought an unexpected excitement as Endre left his laptop in the café – luckily we found it later. Later came the ‘piece the resistance’, the in-house go-kart competition in G1 kart center. The results speak for […]

Precognox NLP Hackathon Day, Kaposvar

The participants of the event had accomplished four different projects. clustering the most popular recipes by ingredients within the ”Receptkereso”, our recipe-finder app gender classification of Twitter users analysis of the facebook sites of the teachers’ protesting movement and the protesting meetings before the Election Office supplementing our company’s Hungarian GATE plugin with sentiment – […]

Visualizing Star Wars movie scripts – relationships matter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away our data analysts were talking about the upcoming new Star Wars movie. One of them has never seen any eposide of the two trilogies before, so they decided to make the movie more accessible to this poor fellow. Relationships matter The Star Wars universe is […]

Finding the needle in the haystack

Recognizing names is so easy for us. But what about machines? And what if you would like to recognize names in different languages? Meltwater asked us to help their system to extract names from the first few lines of news articles (we call them by-lines) and we are currently working on solutions for Brazilian Portuguese, […]

KConnect at the ICT 2015 Exhibition

KConnect participated the interactive ICT 2015 Exhibition /Digital Agenda for Europe/ this week. Unarguably, this member of our team is the hardest among the exhibitors.   KConnect provides medical-specific multilingual text processing services, consisting of semantic annotation, semantic search, search log analysis, document classification and machine translation. Here is a short video on how it […]

Quality matters: Battle tested solutions

We love software, especially if it is safe, reliable, and does its job. Our philosophy of design is simple: know your product. So we are using SCRUM/Agile methodology, rigorous testing and we evaluate every machine learning solution. Craftsmanship Engineering is a curious mixture of science and craft. Our team has almost thirty members, some of […]

Meetup: A closeup from the Silicon valley

The Kaposvar HQ of the Precognox company hosted a new meetup in Wednesday afternoon. Our guest was Dénes Finduk, the editor of and Data Engeneer Lead of Addepar Company seating in the Silicon Valley. We learned from him how he achieved to accomplish his studies with Master degree in the University of Edinburgh and […]

Digiwhist project

As a partner of Corruption Research Centre Budapest, Precognox is participating in the DIGIWHIST Horizon 2020 project. DIGIWHIST aims to build a platform which can analyze procurement data from 35 European countries in various languages. Also, the whistleblower platform will be implemented during the project. The project is lead by the University of Cambridge, other […]

Tagging documents with informative key-phrases for cognitive computing

Extracting key-words and key-phrases is a common task in Enterprise Search and Information Retrieval. Key-phrases are commonly used by search engines and other indices to categorize texts, build facets, or locate specific data in documents. We have a problem Despite the fact that key-phrase extraction is a common task both in industry and in academy, […]

Automatic Detection of Emotions in Text

Our research is the first attempt to offer a solution for detecting emotions in Hungarian texts. In general, emotion analysis is mostly popular in behavioral sciences and psychology, however, in the recent years it also started to spread in the field of NLP (Natural Language Processing).  The background It is important to make a distinction […]

Two of our employees passed their ISTQB exam

We are proud to announce that two of our emplyoees – Tünde Molnár and Gábor István Kulcsár – passed their ISTQB CTFL exam on January 30th, 2015. Software testing as a profession and the related ISTQB certification is increasingly popular around the world. The International Software Testing Qualification Board was founded in Belgium in 2002 […]

NLP and product development presentation @ CEU MicroData

Yesterday, our computational linguist, Zoltan Varju, was the guest of the MicroData research group at the Central European University. Zoltan talked about how we work on data driven R&D projects at Precognox and attended the group’s regular lunch where members of the team shared their thoughts on on-going projects. We are working with the research […]

New KConnect search services give healthcare the very best in medical information

KConnect launched its official website: and begins the commercialisation of new multi-lingual medical text analysis and search services. Precognox is a proud partner of the team. The new state-of-the-art medical information search services have the ability to empower healthcare and life science professionals and the public alike. The search services can provide the fastest […]

CEU: Feedback from a satisfied customer

“CEU MicroData is a team consisting of lecturers, PhD students and researchers of the Central European University. We analyse company and personal data for a better understanding of economical growth, international trade, company network, political connections and corruption. Using our web application at, we would like add more transparency to spending public moneys. Based […] has been launched

This week,, a portal that makes searchable the Hungarian procurement data, has been launched. The site has been developed by CEU Microdata, a research group at the Department of Economics of the Central European University, lead by Miklos Koren and Adam Szeidl. Procurement data has been released in unstructured documents by the government, so […]

Company get-together in November

We were having a pretty successful company get-together in November. We learnt that our team members are not only top-notch developers, but they are naturally born laser tagging fighters, world class champions and go-kart drivers! We are devoted to the “work hard, play hard” philosophy, at least to its second part, so we started the […]

Precognox supports the Hungarian open data movement has just launched last week. It is a community driven data hub, that aims to catalogue open datasets related to Hungary. Precognox provides the technical background to run the data hub while K-Monitor is operating and coordinating the community. is an instance of CKAN – the world leading open source data catalouging software […]

Precognox CTO Attains ScrumMaster Exam

Karoly Kasa – CTO of Precognox – attained a Certified ScrumMaster certificate – with a closing result of 91% – at a training organized by ScrumAlliance. ScrumAlliance is one of the most known and recognized international organization in the industry. The tasks of a scrum master include ensuring high productivity of the team and the […]

Precognox against the floods

Precognox had cancelled its planned company day due to the recent floods in Hungary. Our team joined to the volunteers at Solt to help securing the dam.  

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Berlin Buzzwords – the buzz that matters

Our CTO Károly Kása has just returned from Berlin Buzzwords, Europe’s hottest geeky conference on scalability, search and data analysis. The two-day conference was dominated by presenters who are not just experts, but main developers of the most important open source tools in the realm of big data and enterprise search. Don’t worry if you […]

Precognox at CILC 2013 – The Use of Corpora in Natural Language Processing

Our computational linguist Zoltan Varju presented his thought on the use of corpora in natural language processing at V. International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC 2013). Here is the abstract: Some researchers suggest[1] that in the analysis of corpora, even less sophisticated algorithms give better results using large, web-scale corpora. Corpus based language models brings […]

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Precognox is sponsoring the Hungarian Natural Language Processing Meetup

Precognox  is the main sponsor of the Hungarian Natural Language Processing Meetup. The meetup is organized by our colleague, Zoltan Varju. The first event took place in the Colabs startup center and tech hub, on 10 May. The meetup group has more than fifty members and forty of them attended the first event. We’d like […]

Semantic Solutions: Search and the Media

Our CEO Endre Jóföldi gives a talk under the same title at the annual Web 2.0 Symposium on March 21. Companies – especially in the field of media industry – are producing more and more content as part of they everyday routine. Although the makers of these contents are confident of the structured nature of […]

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Semantics for Universal Search and Discovery

Our CEO gave a talk under the title above on 7 February 2012 at the Semantic Tech&Business web conference, Berlin. The conference covered the whole spectrum of semantic web technologies and search. Key figures of the field from Europe and the US got together for two days. Participating was very informative as we learned about […]

Berlin Semantic Tech & Business Conference (#SemTechBiz)

I am scheduled to talk on 7 February at Semantic Tech & Business Conference. Whether your most pressing issues are strategic, tactical, or, more likely, a complex combination of both, you’ll benefit from this unique opportunity to explore how semantic solutions and linked data are being embraced throughout companies across a diverse range of disciplines […]

Our new colleague Zoltan Varju computational linguist

We are pleased to announce that Zoltan Varju is joining to our team as a full time employee after half year of part time advising. We learned about Zoltan as the editor and author of the Számítógépes nyelvészet blog and its English version Formal thoughts. He is volunteering for various open linguistic data projects and […]

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