Optical character recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology used to extract textual content from images and digitized documents.

What is optical character recognition?


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technological process whereby text content from digitized image content (scanned documents, photos) are recognized and extracted.

Why OCR technology is required?

Many organizations and businesses apply paper based administration. Printing of documents may often be reasonable (eg in the case of contracts). However, working with these type of printed contents, as well as documents that were previously available only in typewritten format, is very cumbersome and time consuming. Digitizing these documents is only the first step in the process. After that, it is still necessary to extract the textual content from the digitized content by OCR.

What are the advantages of OCR technology?

Thanks to OCR technology, the extracted text content is ready for further work processes. Thus, the significance of optical character recognition lies in the fact that the text thus extracted can be the basis for a large variety of text analytics solutions, such as search engines and additional services built around them.

In which cases does optical character recognition play a prominent role?

OCR technology is most often used to prepare text contents suitable for use with a word processor. Basically, technology is extremely useful for organizations where large amounts of paper-based documents have previously been generated. Such documents may be: library and archival materials, collections, old newspapers, magazines. Some of these are already available in digital form, but in many cases, digitization and the process of optical character recognition is required in order to be suitable for text analytics solutions.

Which OCR solution do we apply and integrate?

The components of our TAS Platform integrate ABBYY FineReader. Precognox is also the reseller partner of ABBYY. Furthermore, we have dedicated specialist to implement processes that require and use OCR technology.

If you need an optical character recognition solution or a text analytics solution that integrates it, please contact us.