Precognox Search Engine

The Precognox search engine is a domain/subject independent intelligent indexing and search solution tool based on an open source Solr/Elastic/Lucene search platform as well as on a wide variety of linguistic tools.
We believe complex queries should be run on a clear-cut interface. It’s not necessary to get familiarized with a complicated interface beforehand in order to decide which tool to use to find the most relevant information.

Precognox search features

It produces immediate feedback. The continuously indexed pages return results within 1 second.

It provides linguistically relevant answers. Not only is character-based matching given but the linguistic features of the text are also considered whether the language is Hungarian, English or another one. Additionally we offer the industry leading solution for person identification, as we can match names with misspellings, aliases, nicknames, initials, names in different languages (ie. Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, Chinese, Russian, English etc.).

It provides hints during search speeding up the process. Time is value, so we offer suggestions based on either your search history and/or the topic you are looking for.

Several after-search filtering possibilities- i.e. clusters- are at hand. These are either based on patterns found in the results (such as common words) or information stored in specific fields.

Taxonomies and thesauri of a certain subject matter also help in search therefore the expression wanted can easily be found in a different form. The already existing taxonomy can be used or created if missing.

The Precognox search engine makes the various sources of data searchable whether it can be found in various databases, html pages, in PDF, DOC or another document format.

You have absolute control over access rights to your data. You can assign different levels of access rights to the users of your Precognox powered search system.

We can also provide an easily configurable PHP based web interface that can be integrated into existing web frameworks such as CMS.

See what kind of technologies we are using for making our search intelligent.

Precognox Search vs searching a database

  Precognox kereső Adatbázis kereső
Ranking of the results Sophisticated and complex Poor
Speed Rapid even for complex queries as it is optimized for text search Unpredictable. (In case of common text search problems such as looking for prefixes or complex expressions, it is significantly slow)
Linguistic correctness Handles various word forms (e.g. inflections) and relations between parts of an expression Poor
Name indexing Very advanced Basic
Taxonomy (expert knowledge) Available None
Filtering results Available for a wide variety of tasks Needs custom solution
Combination of various data sources Available for an arbitrary number of sources Can only search in one database at a time
Handling PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML, XML and other document formats Available None
LDAP Access Control Available None
Query interface/Presenting search results Advanced and tailored according to needs Needs custom solution
Modifying data Scheduled according to needs Immediate reindexing
Distributed, replicated data storage Available Available

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