TAS – Text Analytics System

We strive to make your business flourishing by providing you with state-of-the-art AI-aided solutions. We collected our best software services and made them available on the easy-to-use platform of TAS, hence you can access and manage all of your projects at one place. Data collection, search and analysis have never been so easy as it is now with our Text Analytics System.

Services offered by TAS Text Analytics System

  • Find related documents more easily by utilizing our machine learning (AI) based automatic TAS Tagger
  • Make your data more transparent and understandable with the smart search function of TAS Enterprise Search
  • Get to know as much information as available about searches of expressions of any domain with TAS Search Log Analyzer
  • Explore the web of millions of words and learn how they are related with TAS Thesaurus Manager
  • Collect structured and unstructured data of a given domain from the Internet with TAS Data Collector

We can create your own service that can be made available on the Cloud or on your own server.

TAS products in practice

Processes offered by TAS Text Analytics System

Data is the currency of the 21st century, so we are committed to provide you with valuable information entrenched in it. Check the following steps to get to know how:
data creation: it does not matter if you do not have your own data, we are able to generate it in line with your needs.
data collection: if you have even a small guess that data you need is available on the Internet, we are ready to collect it for you.

  • data processing: once data is acquired, it is processed in deliberate steps
  • data enrichment: data is manipulated so as to provide it with additional value
  • data analysis: information is discovered with diverse techniques of AI and software engineering
  • data visualization: with the visual representation of data we help our customers grasp hidden relations of it
  • quality assurance: in order to establish high-quality services, quality check is built in our approach

Why is our solution unique?

  • we offer the clients not only pre-packed services, but also the expertise of our teams
  • our services provide both ready-to-use solutions and ones you can work further on
  • it is decidable whether prefer getting the output in the form of a report, custom web application, API, dashboard or search page
  • our solution is compatible with any linguistic tools (e.g. Rosette API, IBM Watson) and text processing frameworks (e.g. GATE, UIMA, Stanford NLP tools) you prefer
  • TAS platform integrates the ABBYY FineReader OCR (Optical character recognition) and Google Cloud Speech-to-Text solutions

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