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Our company contributes to the development of the IT profession by creating several communities. We are the founder and organizer of the Kaposvár Software Development and NLP Meetups. At meetups, we give individuals and businesses the opportunity to showcase their developments and services. In 2019, with Career Meetup, we helped high school students get to know what awaits them in higher education and the workplace if they choose the programming profession. The purpose of our Startup Meetup with INPUT was to introduce the participants innovative ideas and to give insights into the startup culture in Hungary and the local ecosystem.

Precognox’s internal support system contributes to employees’ continuous development of their profession by providing the paticipation at training courses. Organized programs and regular sports support ensure the recreation of colleagues and the development of a good community. Our corporate culture and corporate management approach ensure that all our employees can work under the best possible conditions.

Our values


  • we are open to employing disabled, unemployed, and entry-level workers, not taking into account our employees’ religious or political views and sexual orientation, and people with disabilities are not discriminated against during our projects
  • as a family-friendly workplace, we take into account the unique needs of employees raising children (flexible working hours, home office, professional training for those returning from maternity leave). We also obtained the renewed Family Friendly Workplace certification in 2022. Thanks to our efforts, we also won the Employer of the Year award in Kaposvár in 2022
  • we value and support the continuous training of our colleagues and affiliate clients, and we have a significant professional internship program helping young people enter the job market and increase their knowledge
  • we unite the professional community through the local software developer meetup that we organize and often give speeches at. As founders of the community, we dedicated a special event in 2019 to helping the orientation of students who are about to make a career choice, as well as the introduction of start-up companies. Our career event has been organized every year ever since.
  • as we consider it important to support those in need, that is why we joined the Shoe Box initiative in 2021 by offering Christmas presents to bring joy to children
  • by operating the site, we contribute to making open-source data accessible on a social level
  • we have been cooperating partners of the DIGIWHIST project for several years, which explores the corruption risk in public procurements. The project is led by Mihaly Fazekas, Cambridge University, UK)
  • we also cooperate in the development of healthcare search systems with King’s College London, Sheffield University, and Trip Database as part of the KCONNECT H2020 project.


  • in cooperation with the Department of Economics of CEU, we also processed Hungarian public procurement calls, helping eliminate the misuse of public procurement, which is especially useful for the economy
  • we are members of MI Koalíció, a coalition aiming to promote social and economic prosperity by creating an artificial intelligence strategy in Hungary
  • the applications developed by us and our services help the SME sector to work efficiently
  • we favour local enterprises in our procurements


  • we care for the protection of our environment, in terms of using recyclable packaging materials and stationery, recycling, and minimising paper-based administration
  • we choose options involving the least possible amount of travel (remote work, conference calls)
  • in our work, we utilise the most modern solutions (needing the least energy) optimally available to us
  • we are eager to support initiatives aiming to preserve our environment by lending our expertise
  • we volunteered to join the efforts to eliminate and remediate damages caused by natural disasters

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