TAS Search Log Analyzer

TAS Search Log Analyzer is an analyzing tool that enables tracking and analysis of queries performed by TAS Enterprise Search Engine interface.

What is TAS Search Log Analyzer?

TAS Search Log Analyzer is an analytical tool that provides information about searches performed in TAS Enterprise Search (user log and search history). TAS Search Log Analyzer gives the opportunity to examine the top searches, the frequent searches with no results, positive and negative trends or to compare the top searches in a given period, therefore the user can get a deeper insight in search trends.

Features of TAS Search Log Analyzer

  • storage of search logs
  • storage of search terms and other search features (e.g., date, user ID)
  • filtration and listing of the appropriate search results in a configurable order
  • compatibility with TAS Enterprise Search and TAS Thesaurus Manager within the Precognox’s TAS Platform
  • availability in popular browsers, intranet / internet interface
  • user access restriction (authentication / authorization)
  • support for multilingualism (detected automatically based on browser language settings)
    availability for other IT systems via API

TAS Search Log Analyzer UI

The Search Log Analyzer can be used to analyze searches performed on the TAS Enterprise Search. The interface shows what and how users use TAS Enterprise Search.

the opening dashboard

The interface displays the followings:

  • all search terms
  • top search terms
  • search expressions over a given time period: a list of terms in descending order of searches
  • frequent searches with no results
  • positive and negative search trends

search list view

The user-friendly interface offers the user many options: filter by date, number of searches, or display comparisons, for example. The order of the results can be changed (sorted by parameterization).

Learn more about TAS Search Log Analyzer and read the related Use Case. If you need an intelligent enterprise search engine with a search log analyzer solution, please contact us!