TAS Thesaurus Manager

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a solution for building a conceptual dictionary. The created word pairs and relations make the operation of the TAS Enterprise search engine more efficient.



What is thesaurus?

Thesaurus is a conceptual dictionary that contains word pairs with relations.

What is TAS Thesaurus Manager?

TAS Thesaurus Manager is a thesaurus builder module that facilitates the optimization and sophistication of the TAS Enterprise Search. Thesaurus Manager enables the user to define and verify conceptual relationships between words, making it easier to get relevant results.

Possible relations that can be defined between the words:

  • synonym
  • correct form
  • typo
  • narrower term
  • broader term
  • stop list

What are the benefits of using TAS Thesaurus Manager?

The thesaurus builder module allows for much more relevant search results on the TAS Enterprise Search interface, because the quantity and quality of the defined word pairs impact the successfulness of the search process.
By establishing relations in Thesaurus Manager, the search process can be greatly optimized, since there is no need to perform multiple searches for similar terms (eg: USA-> United States of America> United States of America).

How does TAS Thesaurus Manager work?

In the interface, any user can add a new word pair and relation to be annotated. After the annotation the given word pair can be approved and deployed. After deployment the next query performed in TAS Enterprise Search will be realized taking into account the created word pair.

Workflow roles

  • Annotator: basic role, can handle word pairs added to annotation
  • Reviewer: Has annotator rights, can also accept previous annotations
  • Deployer: has both annotator and reviewer role, can install the already adopted spellings for sharp use (eg search)
  • Expertise: regardless of the roles, you can assign a domain to each user that matches the categories that can be assigned to word pairs. This ensures that the pair of words in a given category gets to the right user.

TAS Thesaurus Manager UI

The appearance of TAS Thesaurus Manager is consistent with the corporate identity of TAS Platform. GUI is user friendly and can be handled intuitively. The interface is widely customizable, it is possible to individually modify the elements according to customer needs.

Learn more about TAS Thesaurus Manager and read the related Use Case. If you need an intelligent enterprise search engine with a thesaurus manager solution, please contact us!