TAS – Text Analytics System

We strive to make your business flourishing by providing you with state-of-the-art AI-aided solutions. We collected our best software services and made them available on the easy-to-use platform of TAS, hence you can access and manage all of your projects at one place. Data collection, search and analysis have never been so easy as it is now with TAS.


Why our solution is unique

  • We offer you not only pre-packed services, but also the expertise of our teams.
  • Our services provide you both with ready-to-use solutions and with ones you can work further on.
  • You can decide whether you prefer getting the output in the form of a report, custom web application, API, dashboard or search page.
  • Our solution is compatible with any linguistic tools (e.g. Rosette API, IBM Watson) and text processing frameworks (e.g. GATE, UIMA, Stanford NLP tools) you prefer.


What we offer

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