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What is Text Mining?

Text mining is the process of extracting and downloading textual content. During the process, text can be retrieved from non-text content – images, presentations, graphs, tables – as well. Text mining mostly stands for collecting content on the Internet.

What are the collected content good for?

Collecting textual content can serve many purposes. The data collected by the text mining method can be used for the followings:

  • research and development projects
  • creating new contents and publications
  • service, information, thematic sites, blogs, public interest and open data portals
  • analyzes, statistics, visualizations
  • enterprise processes / operations, data backup
  • competitor and media monitoring
  • searchable databases
  • artificial intelligence, machine learning processes
  • data change monitoring

What text mining solution do we offer?

The text mining solution developed by Precognox is TAS Data Collector as part of TAS Text Analytics System. In addition to providing the service, we can also implement the complete text mining process. If the customer wants to implement the process independently, our specialists will provide the necessary professional know-how.

Please contact us to clarify the requirements of the given project and to select the most optimal solution!

Learn more about our text analytics solutions on our TAS Text Analytics product site.